Dealer License Programs

$199 Monthly Car Dealer License


**Add a Dealer Plate for $96 per month ($200 Refundable Plate deposit)
$545 buy in fee & includes your 1st Month with Promo code
Retail your Vehicle for $99 
Access to Dealer Only Auctions Nationwide
No Credit Check
No Bond Required
No State Classes Required
Get Licensed In 2 Days or Less
Promo Code: Save300 exp end of this Month!

Mechanic Dealer License & Plate Program


(Includes 1 Dealer Plate & 2 Agents)
$895 Buy in fee and 1st month included
Access to Dealer Only Auctions Nationwide
Add a Mechanic or Friend
No Credit Check
No Bond Required
No State Classes Required
Get Licensed In 2 Days
Promo Code: Save$150monthly

Free To Apply!

24-72 Hour Process

1 ) Complete our Dealer / Partner Online APPLY NOW Application Form. Download a scanned copy of your Drivers License and Current Auto Insurance Card with your Phone or Computer.
2) You will pay a $50 Application fee and we will then review your Application for approval and complete a Driver's License check to verify your driver License is valid.
3) When approved, a Representative will call you and go over their Dealership guidelines.
4) Auto Auction Consulting will then request payment from you via PayPal or Credit Card. Once we receive payment from you, we will notify the Auto Dealer that payment has been made.
5) We will complete the final process of registering you into the Dealer Auto Auctions.

Free To Apply!


Get Auto Dealer License in Nevada with Auto Auction Consulting!

There are thousands of vehicles on the streets of Nevada today and many of them are sold or bought each day. People are interested in both new and used cars. There are also many people in Nevada who want to be involved in this process and make some money by assisting people who want to […]

Get Auto Dealer License in Arizona

It is always a good idea to be your own boss and to work as you want, so it is no wonder why so many people want to become car dealers. This is definitely one of the fastest growing professions in Arizona. Arizona is a state that has constant increase of the number of vehicles […]

Get Auto Dealer License in Oregon

In order to sell any vehicle that is not yours or used for personal use, you need to have car dealers license. This is not something new for people in Oregon who have experience in this field. In addition, if you want to get auto dealer license you must apply and submit certain documents to […]

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